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Maleek Ceey – I Don’t Know

Maleek Ceey - I don't know

Maleek Ceey – I Don’t Know

Maleek Ceey’s latest track, ‘I Don’t Know,’ delves into the intricate realm of love, where emotions are tangled and expression becomes elusive. Produced by the artist himself, the song unfolds a lyrical journey of uncertainty and vulnerability, showcasing Maleek Ceey’s unique blend of soulful vocals and heartfelt melodies. As he navigates the complexities of love, listeners are invited to resonate with the emotional depth woven into the music.


And the journey doesn’t end there—Maleek Ceey has just unveiled exciting news of his upcoming release, ‘Banana.’ Stay tuned for another musical adventure, promising to add a flavorful twist to his diverse repertoire.”

I Don’t Know 

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