Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark for Admission 2024

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark for Admission 2024

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark for Admission 2024

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark for Admission 2024 – The cut-off mark refers to the minimum exam score that a candidate needs to be considered for admission into their program of choice at the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. Cut-off marks may vary from program to program based on competition levels and available vacancies.

For National Diploma (ND) programs, the cut-off mark is determined by scores from the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by JAMB. For direct entry and HND applicants, the cut-off mark is based on the relevant O’level grades and/or previous ND results submitted.

The Polytechnic’s Admissions Board sets minimum cut-off marks annually for each academic program below which no candidate will be admitted irrespective of the availability of vacancies. While the general cut-off mark for admission into Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is 140, actual cut-off marks for specific programs are much higher for popular programs.

Some programs like Mass Communication, Banking and Finance, Accountancy, and Business Administration tend to have very high cut-off marks due to their popularity and lower admission capacity.

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark for ND Programs

Here are some typical cut-off mark examples for various ND programs at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi:

Accountancy 140 and above
Agricultural Engineering / Technology 140 and above
Agricultural Technology 140 and above
Architectural Technology 140 and above
Banking And Finance 140 and above
Building Technology 140 and above
Business Administration and Management 140 and above
Chemical Engineering Technology 140 and above
Computer Science 140 and above
Electrical / Electronic Engineering 140 and above
Estate Management And Valuation 140 and above
Food Technology 140 and above
Hospitality Management 140 and above
Leisure And Tourism management 140 and above
Mass Communication 140 and above
Mechanical Engineering Technology 140 and above
Mechatronics Engineering Technology 140 and above
Office Technology And Management 140 and above
Public Administration 140 and above
Quantity Surveying 140 and above
Science Laboratory Technology 140 and above
Statistics 140 and above
Surveying and Geo-Informatics 140 and above

Candidates who score up to 5 marks below the cut-off mark may also be considered based on the availability of quota.

How to Calculate Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark

To ascertain your eligibility for admission in relation to the departmental cut-off mark, you will need to calculate your aggregate post-UTME score using this formula:

UTME Score divided by 8 = X

Post-UTME Score divided by 2 = Y

Aggregate Score = X + Y

For instance:

UTME Score: 200

Post-UTME Score: 60


200 ÷ 8 = 25

60 ÷ 2 = 30

Aggregate Score = 25 + 30 = 55

This shows that the candidate scored an aggregate of 55 after post-UTME. The candidate’s chances of admission will depend on whether their aggregate score meets the cut-off mark for their desired department.

Meeting the set cut-off mark criteria is essential but does not guarantee admission if the vacancies are limited. Scoring well above the cut-off mark improves your chances in such cases.

Tips for Meeting Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark

Here are some tips to help you meet or exceed the required cut-off mark for your program choice:

  1. Start preparing early – Begin studying for your exams well ahead of time to give yourself the best chance of excelling and meeting the cut-off mark.
  2. Work hard and aim higher – Don’t just target the minimum cut-off mark. The higher you score above the cut-off point, the better your chances of gaining admission.
  3. Pay attention to your strongest subjects – Focus more effort on your best subjects and aim to score very high marks in them to boost your overall score.
  4. Take mock exams seriously – Use past question papers and online tests to practice and get familiar with the exam pattern. This will help you identify areas of weakness.
  5. Avoid exam malpractice – Exam malpractice can lead to canceled results. Better to study diligently and earn your grades than to cheat.
  6. Apply on time – Meet the application deadline to avoid your form being excluded for lateness. Also, have all required documents ready.
  7. Choose your course wisely – Apply for courses that align with your strengths and which you stand a good chance of excelling in.
  8. Leverage extracurricular activities – Participation in sports, clubs, and societies can give you an edge over other applicants with similar grades.
  9. Stay positive and determined – Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve the cut-off mark. Stay motivated and focused throughout the process.

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Cut-Off Mark FAQ

What is the cut-off mark for Federal Polytechnic Bauchi?

The general cut-off mark for admission into Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is 140. This cut-off applies to all courses/departments unless otherwise specified.

What is the cut-off mark for indigenes of Bauchi state?

Indigenes of Bauchi state have a lower cut-off mark of 120 for admission into Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. This is applicable across all courses and departments.

Which departments have the highest cut-off marks at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi?

Cut-off marks are typically highest for very competitive courses like Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Engineering, Computer Science, and some science courses. The cut-off for these departments ranges from 150 to 180.

What is the cut-off mark for HND programs at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi?

For admission into HND programs, applicants are required to have a minimum of Lower Credit (3.50 – 3.99) in relevant ND/NCE courses from an accredited polytechnic or college of education.


Meeting the high cut-off mark requirement for competitive programs at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi takes consistency and adequate preparation. To gain admission, you need to target a minimum of 140 scores and above for your UTME to place you comfortably above the cut-off mark for most programs. Where your score falls short, considering less applied programs and retaking UTME remain options. for more details about Federal Polytechnic Bauchi please visit their FPTB

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