Ogun State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024

Ogun State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024
Ogun State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024

Today, we’re going to talk about something important happening in Ogun State Ogun State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024 – the Teachers Recruitment for the year 2023/2024. It’s an exciting opportunity for teachers to join the education system and make a difference in the lives of students. Let’s dive in and learn more about it!

The Ogun State government has started recruiting a new group of teachers for the OGUN TEACH program. This announcement was made on the official Twitter page of the Ogun State Government. The application link is also provided along with the information.

A few weeks ago, the Ogun State Government approved the recruitment of 1,000 teachers to address the shortage of teachers in primary and secondary schools in the state. During the 2023 Teachers Day celebration, Governor Dapo Abiodun announced the hiring of an additional 2,000 teachers for the teachers internship program, aiming to further close the gap in the teaching service in the state.

Teachers Recruitment is a process where the government looks for qualified individuals to become teachers in schools. It’s like a job application, but specifically for teaching positions. The government wants to make sure they have enough teachers to educate all the students in the state.

The Ogun State Teachers Recruitment application portal will be activated soon.

Who Can Apply?

If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher in the future, pay attention! To apply for the Teachers Recruitment in
Ogun State, you need to meet certain requirements.

Firstly, you should have a degree in education from a recognized university. Secondly, you need to be a Nigerian citizen. Lastly, you must be passionate about teaching and have a desire to make a positive impact on students’ lives.

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying for the teaching position, you can do so by visiting


if you’re interested in becoming a teacher and making a difference in the lives of students, keep an eye out for the Teachers Recruitment in Ogun State for the year 2023/2024.

Remember, education is essential, and teachers play a vital role in shaping our future.


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