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How Arewa Music Left Behind

How Arewa Music Left Behind

Arewa Music : How They’re Left Behind Unlike The Southern Counterparts. Arewa music industries are being left out initially the growth of Arewa music is in a lower state than its counterparts. Our Young upcoming artists are not giving the support and attachment needed to boost the music industry in Arewa, that alone is resulting to the downfall of the Northern music industries.

Several Southern and Eastern part of the world has succumbed a very high and large scale of artistry capability and morals in the case that our own Arewa crew are not getting the legit web connections necessary to boost them and they are not having enough equipments and passionable producers unlike the Southern counterparts.

The Northern region hasn’t gotten enough capacity to access those important acquirements to the betterment of there industry, rather we have incompatible producers and C.E.O’s who are not in the right positions to make us have a better and nice support in the Industry.


1. We can never be better because we have lowly and lazy producers we work in hand with.

2. Enough producing equipment required for a better production of music is not available.

3. Our Government leaders in the North do no support nor help in the betterment of the industry.

Mostly, Music Industry in Arewa is being fallen because upcoming artists ain’t capable of voicing out themselves, either from family castigations or society procrastinations. Whereby, an artists be it man or woman don’t feel the urge and passion to access to his or her dreams, and if its a woman in this case its just like a rule where Arewa women don’t have the rights to be an artist, some might say because of religious procrastination or not having the previledged and accessibility from the family.

So, with that only must of us our dreams are being shattered and tarnished completely its either we don’t have someone good whom can work us out through or the society will vouch on the person saying its not a good and dusplined career while our other various distant regions are getting higher in the music industry.

I’d say its actually either we have no standby executive producer that can push us forward not only will our music be heard in our community but in our nation at large. Southern counterparts have gone far beyond us and they are making better and profitable music’s in their industries. Unlike we in the Northern parts its just a total shame that Arewa has lesser authentic producers, creating a different and unique beat and wordings of a song is hard to merge here. In the sense that, a producer can just produce a beat that does not totally tally with the wordings of the songs giving it a completely different meaning, definitely no one is going to love the song nor advance it forward. So, basically to be the famous and eliquent artist you must to ensure that your producer is one of the best so as it get a profitable accountability.

Reasons Why Southern Counterparts Are Ahead Of Arewa Music.

1. Its because not all Arewa musicians are having the passion to do what they do, some might say its because they’ve been hurt or have gone through a lot but with all that the passion ain’t there.

2. Southern counterparts have gone far beyond us, by producing better and meaningful songs than we do. And they mostly have the toppest connections.

3. Arewa music mostly base on Hausa version while mostly those listening to the music, not all knows how to speak nor understand the lyrics or informations of what they are trying to pass by.

Conclusively, Arewa music can only be better and advanced only if they get support from the government, society then passionable producers who are willingly ready to adhere to the betterment of the Northern music industry. Only then can Arewa go higher and forward and wouldn’t be left behind. This is how Arewa Music : How They’re Left Behind Unlike The Southern Counterparts.

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