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Ameerah – Abdul Hassan Mp3 Download

Meerah by Abdul Hassan with lyrics the most trend song across the social media handles

Ameerah Abdul Hassan, Abdul Hassan – Meerah Mp3 Download

Abdul Hassan – Meerah Mp3 Download

Abdul Hassan – Meerah Mp3 Download – Enchanting voice takes center stage in his latest release, Ameerah, a soul-stirring ballad that transcends the boundaries of emotion and melody. As the singer pours his heart into every note, the listener is drawn into a world where love, longing, and nostalgia intertwine seamlessly. The song unfolds like a heartfelt letter, weaving a narrative that captures the essence of profound human connections.


“Ameerah” is a musical tapestry where emotion is painted in vibrant hues, each lyric carefully chosen to resonate with the depths of the soul. Hassan’s vocal prowess is evident as he navigates the intricate nuances of love’s journey, evoking a sense of vulnerability and authenticity. The melody, a delicate dance between hauntingly beautiful piano arrangements and subtle orchestral elements, adds a cinematic quality to the song, immersing the audience in its evocative atmosphere. “Ameerah” is not merely a song; it’s an experience that lingers, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s heart.

Brief Lyrics – Meerah By Abdul Hassan

Haaa Haaa Haaah

Na Tashi Dake Zuci Yau Kece Zan Wa Baituka Na

Farar Aniya Suna Gimbiya, Allahu Yasan Manufana

Iya Yanayin Da Na Damu Da Shi Rai Ya Zulu-manta

Baiwar Allah Hasken Fitila Mai haske Cikin Baqin Gidana

Na Rayu dake, Rayuwar da bazai yuwu na manta dashi bah

Cikin Nutsuwa, Akan Shaquwa Ra’ayin ki ya zama Ra’ayi Na

Kin Tashi Dakyau, Tsarukan Ki Akai Bazanyi Tan-Tama Bah



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