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3MTT Program Receives One Million Applications

3MTT Program Receives One Million Applications

3MTT Program Receives One Million Applications

In a recent update, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, revealed that the Federal Government’s ambitious Three Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program has received an overwhelming response, with over one million applications submitted thus far.

This surge in interest signifies the strong demand for technical skill development in Nigeria. Dr. Tijani assured that the government would soon announce the next steps regarding the 3MTT program. He mentioned that the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy is actively working on firming up the program’s plans.

The minister shared this exciting news via a post on X, stating that the next phase for the applicants would be unveiled within the next 12 hours. The post also included some crucial statistics: 1,001,457 total trainees, 18,644 total providers, and 1,407 total partners.

It’s worth recalling that Dr. Tijani had previously disclosed a N1 billion funding commitment from IHS Telecom for the 3MTT program.

This funding not only supports the program’s overall goals but also includes provisions for covering the salaries of 37 dedicated learning community managers at various locations for the next three years. Such support is a significant boost to the Federal Government’s initiative, which aims to train three million Nigerians in technical skills over the next four years.

The 3MTT program is a critical component of the Renewed Hope agenda, with the primary objective of strengthening Nigeria’s technical talent pool to drive its digital economy and establish Nigeria as a source of skilled talent.

The program’s implementation is set to occur in three phases, with the first phase accommodating 30,000 individuals, followed by the second phase admitting 300,000, and the ambitious goal of training three million people in the third phase. This initiative is executed in collaboration with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and involves multiple stakeholders, including fellows, training providers, partners, and placement organizations.

During the first phase, the government will select individuals interested in specific technical skills and fund their training in partnership with approved training providers. The 3MTT program represents a significant step forward in equipping Nigerians with the skills needed for the digital age, and it holds great promise for the nation’s future in the global technology landscape.

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