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S. Deen M Haruna – Ruwa Da Iska

S Deen M Haruna Ruwa Da Iska

S. Deen M Haruna – Ruwa Da Iska

S. Deen M Haruna – Ruwa Da Iska – The northern entertainer, Hausa singer who is popularly known as S.Deen M Haruna, some knows him with Malamin So. That’s the title of his previous project (Malamin So) M Haruna was a great Hausa singer more especially when it comes to romantic sounds. When we say great it means the high amount of performance. As you know before this blog is always brings you a quality contents.


After the success of his previous project (Malamin So). He returns with a new banging hit which is Ruwa Da Iska the literal meaning of Ruwa Da Iska, simply means “In Any Kind of Weather” to make it clear for you to know what’s that special we’re talking about. You need to listen to this tone (Ruwa Da Iska).


Ruwa Da Iska 

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