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Reasons of Making Comedy Skits Dor Dor TV

Reasons of Making Comedy Skits Dor Dor TV

Reasons of Making Comedy Skits Dor Dor TV – Fast rising comedy skit maker Doris Ozioma Awuru, popularly known as Dor Dor Tv, has revealed why she got into the comedy skit industry. The comedian said she loves to make people happy, and her content is all about scenarios that happen around the world.


In a chat with LEADERSHIP Sunday, she said “it has always been my dream to make comedy skits,and whenever I crack
jokes randomly, people around me are always filled with laughter, and they always encourage me to go into comedy,
because they saw I was good at it, and I have a lot of ideas in my head.”


For the past 8years I’ve been trying to get into the world of movies and comedy skits,I started nurturing the idea right from the streets,and from the experiences I got on the streets of Abuja.


Places like 21 road Gwarimpa,never sleeps and a lot of things happen there which I believe are content worthy.So
each time I say random things I observe from the neighborhood,it makes people around me laugh.”

Dor Dor Tv acknowledged that in recent years a lot of people have gotten into comedy skits,which makes the genre crowded,but she believes her ideas are completely different from what other skit makers are doing,and it will make her stand out from the crowd.

Speaking on what she hopes to achieve In the next couple of years,she said “in the next two to three years, with
prayers, hard work and determination, I am sure I will go far, we are going forward and nothing can bring us back. She stated.

While giving her advice and encouragement to other upcoming skit makers, Doris said “All I can say is that it won’t be easy, but with hard work and prayers I am sure we will all achieve our goals.

I also want to encourage everyone out there trying in one way or another to keep pushing and not give up, and by the grace of God we will all get there. Reasons of Making Comedy Skits Dor Dor TV

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