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Fl3xxzy – GBWTV Pack

Fl3xxzy - GBWTV Pack

Fl3xxzy – GBWTV Pack (The Ep)

FL3XXZY sets the stage for a dynamic journey into 2024 with the unveiling of his latest musical offering: the GBWTV (Gbagyi Boy With The Vibe) Pack EP. A bold departure from his signature Afro-pop and drill sound, this experimental Amapiano project showcases the versatility and innovation of the Abuja-based rapper. With three electrifying tracks, FL3XXZY invites listeners to immerse themselves in his unique fusion of genres, blending infectious rhythms with thought-provoking lyrics. As the frontman of 3PLEHMG, FL3XXZY tantalizes fans with a taste of what’s to come, promising an exhilarating musical odyssey in the near future. Take a plunge into FL3XXZY’s sonic universe and experience the pulsating energy of GBWTV Pack EP, a testament to his boundless creativity and evolving artistry.

Fl3xxzy, GBWTV PackMoreover, FL3XXZY begins his roll out for 2024 with a 3-song EP titled GBWTV (Gbagyi Boy With The Vibe) Pack. An experimental Amapiano project from the Abuja based rapper who is more known for his Afro-pop and drill bangers.

Tracks list.

Enjoy his latest drop while we wait for more releases from the 3PLEHMG frontman within the nearest future.

Download Full EP Here 

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