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EP: Abskid – Born Day [Extended Playlist]

Abskid Born Day Ep

New EP by Abskid – Born Day

Abskid Born Day EP, is a vibrant musical celebration brought to life by the talented artist Abskid, marking a significant milestone in his artistic journey—his birthday. This EP serves as a unique and personal gift to his listeners, inviting them to join in the festivities through a carefully curated collection of tracks. Abskid’s distinctive style shines through each song, creating a cohesive sonic experience that mirrors the diverse emotions and experiences of his life. The Ep consist of three songs, two which are collaboration and one single track.

From the upbeat rhythms that kick off the EP to the introspective melodies tucked in its heart, “Born Day” takes the listener on a musical journey that encapsulates Abskid’s growth, reflections, and joy. The title itself, a nod to the artist’s birthday, sets the tone for the celebratory atmosphere that permeates the entire collection. Through a blend of genres and thoughtful lyrics, Abskid not only shares his artistic prowess but also invites the audience to connect with the essence of his personal celebration. “Born Day” is more than just an EP; it’s a testament to the artist’s authenticity and a gift that resonates with anyone who appreciates the power of music to capture life’s moments. Songs are produced by Auta, Concept Man, and Tflow.

Tracklist – Download Below.

This Kind Love Ft. Naffy
Yanga Ft. Leel Jr
Ya Zanyi Ne

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