Nigerian Navy Recruitment For 2023/2024 | Application Portal

Nigerian Navy Recruitment For 2023/2024 | Application Portal

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Portal

Nigerian Navy Recruitment For 2023/2024 | Application Portal – The Nigerian Navy, an integral part of the country’s Armed Forces, boasts a strength of over 25,000 personnel, establishing itself as one of Africa’s largest naval forces.

This article serves as a thorough guide for individuals seeking to join the Nigerian Navy, providing insights into its history, roles, responsibilities, and the application process.

Historical Background

Originally an extension of the Royal Navy, the Nigerian Navy evolved from the colonial Nigerian Marine Department to address British interests in West Africa.

Facing pressure from nationalists, the colonial Marine Department transformed into the Nigerian Naval Force in 1956.

Over the years, it underwent several name changes, culminating in the establishment of the Nigerian Navy in
1963 after Nigeria achieved republic status.

Roles of the Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy plays crucial roles classified into military, policing, and diplomatic functions. These roles align with maritime strategist Ken Booth’s framework, encompassing the projection of force, maintenance of law and order, and the management of foreign policy. These functions contribute to the nation’s security and international relations.

Responsibilities of the Nigerian Navy

Legally mandated by the Parliamentary Act No 21 of 1964, the Nigerian Navy is charged with responsibilities such as
naval defense, customs law enforcement, maritime training, hydrographic surveys, and other duties assigned by the Council of Ministers. Subsequently, the Armed

Forces Act expanded these obligations to include enforcing customs laws, coordinating maritime laws, conducting hydrographic surveys, ensuring safety
regulations, and other duties determined by the President with the National Assembly’s advice.

Requirements for Joining the Nigerian Navy

Prospective candidates must meet specific criteria to be eligible for the Nigerian Navy.

    • These include being a Nigerian citizen,
    • Possessing physical and mental fitness,
    • Falling within the age range of 18-24 years,
    • Meeting height requirements, passing a medical test,
    • And fulfilling minimum educational standards (WAEC, GCE, or OND certificates).
    • Additionally, candidates must not have a criminal record.

Application Process

Joining the Nigerian Navy involves a systematic application process.

Aspiring candidates can follow these

1. Visit the Nigerian Navy Portal at

2. Create a profile account on the portal.

3. Log in to fill out the application form and submit it.

4. Print the registration slip for reference.

5. Await notification of the exam date and recruitment center, which will be sent to the candidate.

6. On the exam day, present essential documents, including birth certificate/age declaration, parent consent form, recent passports, local government identification, and educational certificates.


In conclusion, aspiring individuals interested in serving in the Nigerian Navy can navigate the recruitment process with the provided guidelines.

Understanding the historical evolution, roles, and responsibilities of the Nigerian Navy is crucial for those aiming to contribute to the nation’s maritime security. By meeting the specified requirements and following the application process diligently, prospective candidates can embark on a meaningful and fulfilling journey in the service of their country.

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