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How to Get Free Black Tick Badge on Facebook 2024

How to Get Free Black Tick Badge on Facebook 2024

How to Get Free Black Tick Badge on Facebook 2024 

How to Get Free Black Tick Badge on Facebook 2024 – Facebook black verification 2024 : How to get a black verification badge on your Facebook profile. A black verification badge has recently been launched on Facebook. So there are many who want to set this badge on their profile. But you don’t know how to set it.

The most interesting thing is that you don’t have to make any kind of payment to Facebook to get this black verification badge. We know that to get the blue verification badge on Facebook, you have to pay a certain amount on Facebook every month. From that point of view, you can get Facebook’s black verification badge on your Facebook profile or ID for free. Let’s know how to get a Facebook black verification badge for your Facebook profile. As you can see in the image below, this profile has been black-verified. Similarly black color badge will show on your Facebook ID profile. This means your Facebook account has been verified.

So first of all you need to install VIA Browser, VPN Lat, and a notepad app on your phone from Play Store. These three apps will be useful while doing black verification on your Facebook ID. Then you can uninstall it again when you’re
done. Then you need to copy a script and even paste that script into the notepad installed on the phone.

  1. So we are giving that script in this files CLICK HERE to get script.
  2. Copy the above script and paste it into your notepad.
  3. Then after taking the script in Notepad, you need to edit and change a few places.
  4. If you look at the script, you will see that in some places Where says “Mohammed Babangida”, modify these places and enter your Facebook ID name.
  5. Remember the name given in your Facebook ID. You have to write the exact name here.

Facebook Black Verification Badge

1. Then open your phone’s VIA browser and search by typing Facebook. Then go to your Facebook website and log into the account. [https://www.facebook.com]

2. After logging into your Facebook account, click on the three lines above.

3. Then click on Settings.

4. Click on Personal Details again.

5. Click on Profile

6. Click on the profile again.

7. Then click on the name option.

8. Now you need to connect the previously installed VPN if you are not from Nigeria.

9. Remember to select Indonesia or Nigeria country when connecting the VPN.

Facebook black badge

1. Then click on the Account Center option from the top. After clicking remove the texts that will come.

2. Then copy the entire script from Notepad and paste it in the search box.

3. Then after pasting click the OK button.

4. Remove the rewrite again. Paste the text like this for a total of four times then click OK and remove.

5. Tick ​​the “I ignore this site messages for a minute” option while clicking the OK button four times.

6. After that you have no more work then you come back.

7. Then go to your profile and Refresh the profile page.

8. Now you will clearly see that a black tick badge is showing next to your Facebook profile name.

9. Just like this, you can get a free black verification badge on your Facebook account.

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