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S. Deen M Haruna – Araina Ajini (Album 2024)

S deen m haruna Araina ajini S. Deen M Haruna – Araina Ajini (Album 2024)

S. Deen M Haruna – Araina Ajini (Album 2024) – S. Deen M Haruna invites listeners on a captivating musical journey with his latest album, ‘Ajini Araina,’ released in the year 2024. The 25-track compilation is a rich tapestry of diverse sounds and heartfelt lyrics that showcase the artist’s versatility and profound connection to his craft. From the soulful melodies of ‘Zuciya Daya Ft. Abdul D One’ to the rhythmic beats of ‘Ranar Mutuwa,’ each song in the album carries a unique essence, painting a vivid picture of love, life, and emotions. The album seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements, creating a musical masterpiece that resonates with audiences across genres.

Highlighted by tracks like ‘Ki Bani Amana,’ ‘Gaskiya Matakin Nasara,’ and ‘Mace Kyakkyawa Ft. Isah Ayagi,’ ‘Ajini Araina‘ explores themes of love, resilience, and cultural identity. S. Deen M Haruna‘s poetic lyrics, coupled with his soul-stirring vocals, add depth and authenticity to every composition. As listeners embark on this sonic journey, they are treated to a rich collection of songs that not only entertain but also leave a lasting imprint on the heart and soul. ‘Ajini Araina‘ is a testament to S. Deen M Haruna’s artistry, marking a significant chapter in his musical legacy.

  1. A Jini Araina
  2. Zuciya Daya Ft. Abdul D One
  3. Ranar Mutuwa
  4. Kina Bani Kauna (So)
  5. Daso Nazo
  6. Zo Mutafi Daso
  7. Ki Bani Amana
  8. Zuciya Daya
  9. So Kiban
  10. Nayi Nisa A So
  11. Akanki Na Damu
  12. So Cuta Ne
  13. Sirrin Zuciyata
  14. Cikin Dubu
  15. So Ya Shige Ni
  16. Gaskiya Matakin Nasara
  17. Rabuwa Da So
  18. Kalaman So
  19. SoNa Kwace
  20. Nabaki So
  21. Komai Duniya Annabi Ne
  22. So Kenan Kauna
  23. Mace Kyakkyawa Ft. Isah Ayagi
  24. Ruwa Da Iska
  25. Laga Laga So

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