3MTT Training Portal Link: Login to complete your profile

3MTT Training Portal Link: Login to complete your profile

3MTT Training Portal Link Login to complete your profile – The management of 3MTT has announced that they will
be selecting 30,000 applicants for the first phase of the program. To stand a chance of being selected, ensure your profile is complete. In this post, we bring you an update on how to log in to the 3MTT Training Portal to complete your profile.

Steps to complete your profile on 3MTT Training Portal

Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Account Verification and Password Creation

Before you can proceed, ensure you have verified your account email and created a password using the link sent to you. If you haven’t done this yet, please refer to the update in the provided link to complete this step.

2. Logging into the 3MTT Training Portal

Once your account is verified, follow these steps to log in:

  • Go to 3MTT Training Portal at
  • Use your registered email and the password you created during the account verification to log in.

3. Completing Your Profile

For those who have not yet completed their profiles after account verification, follow these steps upon successful login:

a. Confirm your skill and Technical level.
b. Take our questionnaire.

By completing these steps, you are well on your way to securing your spot in the 3MTT Program.

How to Check Your Profile Completion

After completing the steps mentioned above, your profile status will change to “complete” with two green ticks in front of points a and b.

This update is vital for all applicants seeking to participate in the 3MTT Program. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and technical knowledge in the digital world.

By following these instructions, you can easily access the 3MTT Training Portal and ensure your profile is complete, increasing your chances of being selected for this valuable program.

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